Monday, June 1, 2009

Month in Review

What happened to May?!?! Time is definitely speeding up, as everyone warned me it would. We had a wonderful month and got a couple of big things checked off our list!

Babymoon: Check!
It was the perfect trip for a babymoon--relaxing, fun, and nothing to do but enjoy our time together as a couple. I also managed to get quite a few things checked off my 101 list while there, including:
  • #49--go spelunking (hiking through a lava tube with nothing but a flashlight definitely counts!)
  • #71--take a Mensa test just for the hell of it (ok, so it was the Mensa quiz in the back of the American Way magazine . . . I did get 5 out of 7 right . . . and 1 of those I didn't attempt because I was too impatient . . . and I don't forsee myself caring enough about this one to actually order a REAL Mensa test . . . so I'm counting this one done!
  • #97--go skinny dipping in a river/lake/ocean (technically we still had on our snorkeling gear. lol)
I also re-tackled #94--eat something you've never tried before. I did it in China last year, but I was proud of myself for trying traditional Poi, or the smashed-up taro plant common on the islands. It was purple and tasted a bit like refried beans.

Here are some photo highlights of the trip. If you want to see more, including pics of Alex underwater, Alex making friends with Hawaiian horses, and a really cool black sand beach, click here.

Our first Hawaiian sunset

The courtyard of the hotel we stayed at

If you get to a smaller, less-well-known beach early enough, you have the place to yourself!

Kelly and the Tiki
Next to the first waterfall we hiked up to during the drive to Hana
Alex practicing being a stalagmite in the lava tube

Alex and a friend through the glass bottom panel of the boat we took out to Molokini

Here we are at the top of the volcano Haleakala (which means "House of the Sun")
Check out the amazing purple tree!

Sunset at the luau

Our parting shot: Goodbye Hawaii!
Remember, if you want to see more pics, click here!

#65: Buy a Car--check!
That's right folks! After 8 years of my sporty little coupe, it was time to graduate to a bigger, safer, more spacious "mom-mobile." We've been keeping our eye open for a couple of months for a good deal, and this Saturday we found one we just couldn't pass up! Introducing my mom-mobile!
It's a new-to-us Volvo XC90. I gotta tell you, this new car thing is niiiice! Here's the interior:
Pretty, huh? I love love love it!

Alina's 24-week check-up
We had Ali's 24-week doctor's appointment, which included a 45-minute ultrasound that measured every tiny part of her! We got to look at her kidneys, diaphragm, stomach, bladder, brain, heart, fingers, toes, lips and nose (to check for cleft pallet), femur bones, and her umbilical cord (they even switched on a heat sensor so that we could see the blood flowing in and out of her--cool!). She is "perfect" in all her measurements, so we are breathing a sigh of relief and looking forward to a healthy, beautiful baby girl in September!

She is still measuring big, about a full week ahead and in the 91%. Her legs are measuring almost 2 weeks ahead! Sheesh, girl, where did you get those long legs from???

She was not in the most cooperative position or mood, and when the time came for the big finale, in which they flipped on the 3D/4D view for a few fun pictures, she was tired of the paparazzi camera thing and had decided NO MORE PICTURES! So, we got some cute shots of her completely hiding her face with her hands. What a little stinker!

Smile for the camera, baby girl!

Ten Tiny Toes

Flexing for the Camera

Exasperated, holding her head in her hands . . .

And finally, complete facial hide. No more pictures, Mom!!

So, as you can see, May was a busy, exciting month for us! And I know that things are just going to get bigger (literally and figuratively) and more exciting in the months to come.

Hope this finds you all well.

With love,