Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from our little Ali cat!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Happy Birthday G-Mommy! (Ali's First Road Trip)

Well, we packed up the house last weekend and headed north on Ali's first big road trip to visit Granddaddy and G-Mommy for G-Mommy's 60th birthday extravaganza! Packing turned out to be more involved than we originally planned on; it was stunning to see the amount of gear required for such a tiny little girl! True to form, Ali was a total champ at the road trip part. She slept the entire way, even when we hit dead-stopped traffic. Way to go, Ali!

While in Dallas, Ali got to finally meet four of her great-grandparents, as well as her Uncle Brian and Aunt Ragan. What a great weekend!

Saturday morning three of Ali's great-grandparents came to the house for lunch and a little snuggle time. Here is Ali getting to know great-grandma Thorn.

And here is Ali meeting Great-Grandma Munna (this is who Ali got her middle name from!).
Ali then got to spend a little quality time with Uncle Brian watching the Horns obliterate Mizzou. Hook 'Em!
Saturday night was G-Mommy's big party, so we put on our party clothes and had a great night! (Check out Ali's party shoes!) Here we are with the birthday girl (G-Mommy) and Bubbie.
Four generations of Cross women!
Getting in some hugs with Granddaddy before the guests arrived.
Pretty ladies!
What a great-looking family!
The next day Granddaddy and G-Mommy got in some last-minute hugs before we headed out.
Before heading back to Austin, we stopped at Ali's other great-grandparents' place for some hugs.
Ali and Bubbie checking each other out.
Ali and Zadie hanging out one last time.
Stay tuned for the next exciting post . . . smiles!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

1 month old!

We can't believe our little girl is already one month old! Time has really flown by . . . or at least it has seemed to fly by to our sleep-deprived minds.

Ali is such a good baby. She is a phenomenal sleeper and typically wakes up cheerful and full of cute little coos. She spends a great deal of time awake and just looking around at the world around her. She loves being outside and feeling the wind in her hair!

Here are some of her special 1-month-birthday shots. Enjoy!

We are heading to Dallas this weekend for Mom's 60th birthday party. We are looking forward to Ali's first big road trip and to seeing all our family! Check back next week for pics of the festivities!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Newborn Photos

My friend Kristen, who did my maternity pictures, dropped in a couple of weeks ago to do Ali's newborn photo shoot.

There are no words for how awesome I think these turned out! Enjoy!

(All photos courtesy of Kristen Joy Photography.)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bath time with Ali

We thought you might enjoy some fun bath time pictures with Ali!

Here we are, about to give our little pumpkin her very first big-girl bath.
We like to think that she's throwing her arms up with exhilaration.Dad was a pro at washing Ali's hair.
Good girl! No tears at all!
And a video...enjoy!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Week with G-Mommy

With Alex's return to work, Mom came into town to spend the week with Ali and me. What lucky ladies we were to have G-Mommy around for an entire week! Here are a few pictures from our time together.

G-Mommy loved helping give Ali her meals!

We got to Skype with Granddaddy, who was on a business trip in the French Riviera.
(Rough life, Granddaddy!)

Here we are celebrating Ali regaining all her birth weight (plus 1/2 an ounce to boot)!

Everybody got in on the G-Mommy love.

Ali and G-Mommy spent lots of quality time outside. Ali loved it!

Thanks for the awesome week, G-Mommy! We couldn't have done it without you. Ali (and mom) can't wait to see you in a few weeks in Dallas!