Friday, December 30, 2011

Adventures in Potty Training

We are reluctantly entering the realm of potty training. I say "reluctantly" because things are just so much easier with diapers. No waiting on anything, no having to pull over and find a potty. But it is what it is. To help motivate baby girl, we've come up with a sticker chart. She gets a sticker on her chart every time she uses the potty. She has taken to saying she "really, really, REALLY has to GO!" every evening juuuust before bed time. Coincidence or stall tactic? Hmmmm...

Anyway, tonight she was sitting on the potty and she really wanted that sticker. So she started giving her pee a pep talk.

Ali: Come on, pee, LET'S GO!


Ali: Come on, PEE, LET'S GO!!




Ali (getting frustrated): I want the pee to work, mommy!! I want the pee to work on the potty!!

Me, too, baby girl. Me, too.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Conversations with Ali

Ali: Mommy, what happened to my water? Did it melt?

Me: No, your ice melted into water. You see, ice is verrrrry cold. When it touches warm air, it warms up and turns into water. It melts.

Ali: Oh, okay. And then when I drink my water, it melts into a cup, and then flowers, and then popcorn, and then cheerios.

Me: Um . . .

Ali: And then we get into the car and go to the gym, and then to the store, and then into someone's tummy, and then we're a baby, and then we cry because our water melted.

Me: Oh, really?

Ali: Yeah, but that's okay. We should not cry because our water melted because it's JUST WATER. And then flowers. And then popcorn. And then cheerios.

Me: . . . I agree.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Conversations with Ali

Last night, driving home from a friend's house.

Ali: It's very, very dark outside!

Me: Yes, it is! It's late.

Ali: But not too late? I can still watch a video when I get home?

Alex: No, baby, I don't think we're going to have time.

Ali: We will have time, Daddy! Your clock is wrong! 

Me: Sweetie, I'm sorry, it's too late for a video.

Ali: It's not too late! It's only 8!

***It was actually only 7:17.***

Me: 8 o'clock?? Man, if it were 8 o'clock already, it would be way past your bedtime!

Ali: Oh. It's not 8 o'clock! It's only 7!

Me: Ali . . . you blow my mind every single day.

Ali: Yeah.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Conversations with Ali


Me: That's right! There's the moon. Wouldn't it be cool if you could throw a rope around it and climb all the way up there?

Ali: Yeah. But not tonight. Maybe Tuesday.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ali TV

If there was a channel that just showed Ali videos all day, every day . . . I'd pretty much watch it all day, every day.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. Baby girl turned TWO!

2. Two is a freaking awesome age. Yes, there are tantrums and power struggles and boundary testing and all of that. But seeing her learn things at the rate that she's learning them makes up for all the other stuff a thousand times over. I try and note each day how long it takes before she says or does something to impress me. Yesterday it was about 32 seconds.

3. Ali knows all her letters and their sounds, her numbers from 1-20 (thought she still gets tripped up through the teens), and she can sight read Ali, Sam, Mom, and Dad.

4. She had a great 2-yr check-up. She is still maintaining her supermodel stature, measuring in the 80% for height and the 30% for weight. The doctor was highly impressed with all of her skills, and we don't have to get any more shots until she's 4! Hooray!

5. A typical dinner these days, complete with gagging, showing off, story telling, pooping, and the sweetest sign-off ever:

6. Little man turned 4 months old!

7. He is SUCH a strong little guy. He is already rolling both directions (a full two months ahead of when his sister did that) and trying to sit up unassisted.

8. Sam's teachers at school say that he's already ahead with his verbal skills. I'm guessing this means that he babbles like a 6-month-old instead of a 4-month-old. I'm also guessing that means between him and his sister, we're never going to have a quiet household. Ever.

9. We are in the midst of deswaddling. I can't believe my baby is already old enough to sleep unswaddled. We have started wrapping him with one arm out, and so far, it hasn't really affected his sleep. He still wakes up once a night, which isn't bad!

10. Ali was never a giggly baby. Oh how I love love love having a giggly baby now. How Sam spends dinner time:

Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Funny

A few days ago, we were sitting around, having dinner, and Ali was talking about her friend Luke. We had been to Luke's house a few times in the last couple of weeks and Ali was telling us about the last time we were over there.

"Ali and Luke play upstairs." Oh, were you and Luke playing upstairs?

"Yes. Ali fell down. Luke help Ali up and make it better." Oh, that's very sweet! Did Luke make Ali feel better when she fell down? 

"Yes. Ali and Luke eat sandwich." Did you eat a sandwich with Luke? Was it good?

"Yes. Luke's mom said, 'STOP, Luke!!'" (and to emphasize, she brought her little hand down in chopping motion into her other hand--the sign for "stop"--when she said "STOP!")

Cue laughter. Did Luke's mom tell him to stop doing something? What does Ali's mom say?

"Ali's mom says 'STOP, Alex!!"

So there you have it. Kids are perceptive little creatures.


I know you've been getting a lot of Ali stories, but she's just so funny these days! Sam is equally exciting in his own right . . . just not in the same way.

Like this morning, he totally reached up and grabbed the frog ring on his chair and pulled it, making it play a song. For the first time!!

See? Exciting but makes for a much less entertaining story. :-)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Good Morning, Sunshine!

One of my very favorite things to do is to go get Ali up in the mornings. As soon as I walk into her room, she sits up and says the first thing that comes to her mind.

"Ali sleep with Matt." (Matt the Monkey is still her closest companion.)

"Ali sitting up!" (she was, in fact, already sitting up.)

"Big booger." (a bit congested that morning.)

"Where did Piggy go?" (Piggy had been lost under the blanket.)

"Ali sleep with cozy blanket." (Just in the last few weeks has she asked to start sleeping with a blanket.)

"Ali had a good nap!" (Yes, baby girl, you certainly did.)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Some Nights Just Kick Ass

Some nights are hard. Mom and Dad are tired. Kids are cranky. House is a mess. Cats are throwing up.

And some nights just kick ass. Like tonight. First off, we got home, and Ali was giving her baby brother tons of love. So we took the opportunity to get a sibling shot.

Heehee. A true sibling shot. Kinda looks like they're messing with each other a bit, right?

How 'bout this one?

It's okay. I'll pause for the collective "awwwwww."

And then there was the rare opportunity for me to step out from behind the camera and actually be in the pictures myself. Alex did a great job!

And then there's this. My and my kiddos. Gosh they make me ridiculously happy.

Then we let Sam get in a little evening tummy time.

He's so stinking cute.

And then there was this. (Ignore the blithering mommy doing the filming. I was just a wee bit excited.)

I forgot how exciting all these "firsts" are!

So there you have it. Our evening in a nutshell.

It kicked ass.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Big (Sister) Love

Ali and I hit the park this morning while the boys got to sleep in. It was such a nice hour of just the two of us. So often these days I find myself dedicated to Sam, and I miss my little girl somethin' fierce.

We climbed. We slid. We searched the rocks for . . . well, rocks. We climbed to the top of the play scape and then picked up all the rocks on the floor, dropping them over the side by ones and twos and fistfulls.

After handing rocks to Ali to drop for the ump-teenth time, she got up and picked up some rocks for me.

"Here you go, sweet pea," she told me, mimicking my nickname for her.

"Thank you, baby! Are those for me?" I asked, smitten.

"Yes. These rocks for Mommy."

She then reached down and gathered another handful, setting them into a careful pile at her feet.

"These rocks for Ali."

And then another handful, another pile at her feet.

"And these rocks for baby Sammy."

"Aw, that's very nice of you!" I praised her.

She nodded. "These rocks for Ali, these rocks for baby Sammy. That way we both be happy."

And then my heart exploded for the bazillionth time since having kids.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

I'm Not Ready

For this.

My 2-month-old is mobile.

Hold me.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tummy Time

"Naked Tummy Time"
(or is it "Naked Tushy Time"?)

"Working the Camera Tummy Time"

"Too Comfy to Lift My Head Up Tummy Time"

Monday, July 11, 2011

Lake Fun

Bubbie and Zeydie came into town this weekend to celebrate Alex and Uncle Gene's birthdays. Sunday morning, I stayed home with Sam and the rest of the crew hit the lake for some summer fun in the sun.

Zeydie caught some air with our big beach umbrella...
...while Alex and Ali hit the water.
At first she wasn't too sure about the big lake.
She preferred to stay in the shallows and dig in the rocks.
But then she had fun getting wet with her daddy.
They checked out the rocks.
They played horsey.
She got to swing.
She got tossed high in the sky.
And then it was time to say goodbye and head home.
Where we were waiting!
It was a wonderful morning and a wonderful weekend visit!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Good Day

Sunday, July 3, was a good day.

It was Aunt Katie's birthday. Happy birthday, Aunt Katie! It was also the birthday of Ali's best friend from school. They don't get to hang out as much any more because the friend has already moved up to the next classroom, so we were very excited to give the girls a chance to see each other again.

We got all dressed up for the birthday at the Children's Museum. Ali wore her special 4th-of-July party dress to celebrate the day! AND she let me put her hair in a ponytail!
The party was fabulous. When the girls saw each other, they ran up and gave each other a huge hug. There may be nothing cuter in the entire world than toddler hugs. They then promptly ran off in separate directions to play. Here's Ali enjoying some snacks at the party table.
Sam was a total trooper. He slept most of the time, we nursed at the museum, and then he had a WILD ride back to our car. You see, I had tied a balloon to the stroller. It was the first time he'd ever seen a balloon. I think it kind of blew his mind.
After all that excitement, Sam promptly fell back asleep while we had dinner at Mandola's. Here's Ali double-fisting it. That girl loves her some spaghetti.
We then headed outside to play by the fountain.

Here's Ali's "cheeeeese" face:
And here's what I get when I tell her not to say "cheeeeese."
So there you have it. A great day with both kids. Some days make us wonder what the heck we got ourselves into. Some days make us feel like rock stars and have us loving every second. Yay for the good days!!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

1 Month

Yep. A month. A whole, entire month. (Okay, if we're facing the truth, it's been a month and SIX DAYS!) Time flies with your first kid, but with your second? Holy moly.

Sam is awesome. He's a great sleeper, he's a phenomenal snuggler, he's a very chill little man, and he's an early smiler! In fact, we started getting true, reciprocal smiles when he was only TWO weeks old! And what a sweet, sweet little grin he has.

One of the things that helped time go so quickly this last month is all the visitors we've had! Sam is a lucky little man--he's gotten to meet all his grandparents and three of his four aunt/uncle sets. Below are some shots from our family visitors. Enjoy and be jealous of all the sweet baby snuggles.





Uncle Jonathan and Aunt Kerri

Aunt Katie



Uncle Genes

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Friday, May 20, 2011

Big Things

My sister is coming into town tonight.

My parents are coming into town tomorrow night and staying at a local hotel suite for the week. Setting up camp, as it were.

My dad and stepmom and in-laws are answering their phones after the first ring, waiting to descend upon our city as well.

Our house is clean.

There's a bag packed.

Kinda feels like something big is about to happen . . . .

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I'm So Happy!

Last night G-Mommy and I took Ali out to dinner at one of her favorite restaurants-Olive Garden. This is a favorite because it means that she gets all noodles, all the time. And noodles are, quite possibly, her most favorite thing ever.

Half-way through her attack on a big bowl of spaghetti, with the sauce dripping down her mouth, chin, nose, cheeks, shirt, and hands, she looked up and gleefully declared, "I'm so happy, Mommy! I'm SO HAPPY!"

She has never said this phrase before.

It was the perfect, spontaneous expression of delight. And of course I laughed and G-Mommy laughed and Ali laughed and then just kept saying it, over and over again. "I'm so happy! I'm SO happy!"

Me, too, baby girl. Me, too.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Mom-Colored Glasses

So, I realize and have/will readily admit that the things that I think are cute, funny, interesting, and share-worthy have definitely changed since becoming a mom.

That's why I love having this blog. I can share to my mom-heart's content and not have to worry about people secretly wishing I'd shut my yapper. Chances are if you're here reading this, you want to know all about these funny little mom moments.

I made a promise to myself long ago that I would not discuss my children's bathroom habits on Facebook. But this isn't Facebook! This is our family blog! Potty stories are officially fair game.

You've been warned. This is a potty story. If you don't want to hear it, stop reading now.

No? Still here?

Okay then.

So, we have another official exciting milestone: Ali went pee on the big potty!!!

NO, we aren't potty training. NO we don't plan on starting to potty train any time soon. We will approach potty training the same way we've approached everything else: slow and steady and not 'til we see some signs of her being ready.

But we have gotten her a special "blue potty" seat that goes on the big potty and she loves to sit up there and pretend to go potty.

The other night, she said she had to poop, so we asked if she wanted to sit on the blue potty.

 An affirmative nod later, and she was sitting there, happily bouncing her feet, dripping wet from the bathwater we had yanked her out of.

"Okay," I said. "You can poop now."

She looked at me.

"Push!" I encouraged her.

She balled up her little fists, squeezed her eyes shut, scrunched up her mouth, and her little tummy contracted with the effort of her pushing. And then she opened her eyes and flashed me a huge smile, like, "See, Mommy? I'm a good pusher!"

It was the most hysterical, adorable pushing I've ever seen.

See there? Mom-colored glasses. Someone sitting on the potty, trying with all their might to push out poop, and I think it's both hysterical and adorable.

I called Alex in and we showed Daddy what a good pusher she is. We all laughed. Ali smiled and laughed right along with us.

What a sweet family moment, the three of us and the toilet.

I asked her if she was ready to get back into the tub, and she said no and requested that I read her one of her bath books. Sure, no prob.

We read her Elmo bath book and talked about getting clean, brushing our teeth, and the number of other personal hygiene practices showcased in the four-page book.

When I closed the book, Ali asked sweetly, "One more time?" How can I resist?

I read the book to her again, and somewhere between "washing our face and hands" and "combing our hair," I heard it.

PEE! In the POTTY!!

I think it caught her off guard because she looked down, surprised, and then looked at me with a "what on Earth?!!?" look in her eyes. Again. Hysterical. Adorable. Gah, I love her.

I cheered and praised her and then called Dad in again. Ali proudly told him she had gone pee. He cheered and praised her.

Then we scooped her up, ceremoniously wiped her bottom, and then plopped her back in the tub for the rest of bath time.

So there you have it. Awesome pushing effort, successful (albeit delayed) pee in the potty.

I'm so proud of my big, sweet, awesome, funny, wonderful, enthusiastic girl.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

Both my babies on Mother's Day. My heart is so full.

Happy Mother's Day.

Saturday, April 23, 2011


As a mom, I think it's just in my blood to want to totally overshare about my cute kid.

Just this morning, here are all the things I wanted to share on Facebook, but didn't.

1. Aw! My kid just spontaneously thanked me for cooking her blueberry pancakes! Without any prompting from me, she said, "Tank ooo, Mommy, pancake." My heart = mush.

2. Dude. She just ate two and a half full-sized pancakes. That's the same amount I ate.

3. I happened to say, "I think that bites too big. I don't think that will fit in your mouth." She flashed me a defiant look and proceeded to prove me wrong. I LOVE that my daughter inherited my healthy sense of competition. :-)

4. Oh, and this little gem. I did share this one. :-)

Monday, April 18, 2011


I think of all the things I want to share with the world about my baby girl, her amazing conversational skills top the list. I think daily that I should carry around a tape recorder just to record for posterity the awesome things that come out of her mouth.

Just this evening, these are some of the conversations we had.

A: Daddy eat? 

M: No, daddy's not going to eat dinner with us. Daddy's on an airplane.

A: yeah. Big airplane. Biz trip. Mommy eat.

(she remembered from this morning that Alex is going on a business trip. Wow.)


Ali's new favorite obsession is hunting Easter eggs. At the restaurant tonight, this is what she said about everyone who was leaving.

A: Bye-bye! Go home, hunt eggs? Hunt Easter eggs? 

(clearly she thinks that everyone is as taken with the pastime as she is)


Ali looooves counting. Her new favorite number is thirty (which only recently replaced her most beloved "two.") This is how it goes when we count to thirty.

M: okay, let's count! What do we start with?

A: two!

M: One...

A: two!

M: good! what's next?

A: three!

M: what's next?

A: five!

M: four...

A: five!

M: five...

A: Here we go! 

M: No, not yet. Six...

A: Six...

M: seven...

A: seben...

M: eight...

A: eat? Mommy eat?

M: nine...

A: yeah...

M: ten!

A: Here we go!!!

M: Not yet! Eleven (yeah...), twelve (yeah...), thirteen (thirty!!!), fourteen (yeah...), fifteen (yeah...), sixteen (yeah...), seventeen (yeah...), eighteen (yeah...), nineteen (yeah...), twenty!

A: THIRTY! Go, go!!!

M: Twenty-one (yeah...), twenty-two (yeah...), twenty-three (yeah...), twenty-four (yeah...), twenty-five (yeah...), twenty-six (yeah...), twenty-seven (yeah...seben), twenty-eight (yeah...), twenty-NINE (YEAH...), THIRTY!!



And yesterday morning, when it was time for an Ali diaper change . . .

D: Come on Ali, it's time to change your diaper.

A: No dirty diaper. Teeny tiny poop. No dirty. Clean diaper. No big poop. Teeny tiny poop.

D: Yeah, even if it's just a teeny tiny poop, we still have to change your diaper.

A: No Ali dirty diaper. Daddy diaper. Daddy dirty diaper.


Seriously never a dull moment 'round these parts.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. Everyone is HOME! Last week, Alex went to Germany and Ali went to visit her grandparents, giving this momma a much-needed break before we hit the ground running with a newborn again. Ali LOVES her G-Mommy, Granddad, Bubbie, Zeydie, Munna, Poppy, and Aunt Katie, and I'm not sure she even missed being at home one minute with all the fun they had last week. They had Easter egg hunts and fed ducks at the park and went to a local farm, and Ali has spent the last several days telling me stories about all the fun things she remembers doing. I enjoyed my time by myself (the first I've gotten in EIGHTEEN MONTHS!), but I was ready ready ready for my family to come home. Ali has been unusually snuggly since returning and I am loving every second of it.

2. That's right! Ali is telling stories! She has an amazing memory and quite the imagination. Not only does she remember things that she's done days, even weeks ago, but she is also making up stories from her imagination. Her favorite character is her daddy, and she tells me all kinds of funny things about him (how he spilled yogurt and mommy had to clean it up, how he is taking a shower and then brushing his teeth and then putting on his clothes, etc.). I am constantly amazed at her!

3. She says "Yummy tummy" when she's eating something that she likes. Awesome.

4. She says "I sorry 'bout that" and then wants to touch foreheads while she looks lovingly into your eyes. Awesomer. We are in trouble if she remembers this little trick in the years to come. Powerless we are, I tell you.

5. Ali is now officially sleeping in her big-girl room! She graduated to her new and improved room two nights ago and she loves it. I think Alex and I had a harder time with her transition than she did (what? Change is hard, yo.).

6. Alex only has one more (short) business trip, and then he's home until August! It will be so very nice to have him home for such a long stretch. And scary to think that the next time he leaves, I'll have TWO kids to take care of on my own! Oi!

7. The pregnancy is going great. I feel as big as a house. I waddle. I grunt when I get up or down. I can't put on my own socks. All about par for the course at this point!

8. Dos has hair. 'Tis true. Long hair. We had a 3D ultrasound done, and not wanting to be out-performed by his big sister, he made a giant production of completely hiding his face. But we could tell that he has long hair already, long enough to wisp off his sweet little head. I can't wait to meet him to stroke his long hair and find out what he really looks like! Here's his big shot: hand over face, shoulder hunched up to hide any features we may have been able to sneak a peek at. Stinker. Cute wittle chubby hand, though.

9. Dos is still Dos. No name yet.

10. Ali's bluebonnet picture this year. It was a *LOT* harder than last year, when all we had to do was plop her in the flowers and make googly noises at her to earn a sweet smile. This year she decided that the WORST THING IN THE WORLD was being sat in the flowers and wasn't having any of it. We were stumped until I got the idea from a friend to take along a chair so that she wouldn't actually have to be in the flowers. Brilliant. So here's one of our shots of my sweet, sweet girl. Enjoy.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

One In A . . .

I get a weekly email that tells me interesting little developmental tidbits all about my baby girl according to how old she is. These emails are chock full of great advice in topics ranging from eating and teething to sleeping and playing. Pretty much I just scan them and delete them, as Ali has always been either right in line with or a bit ahead of whatever it's telling me.

This last week I got one for my "18-month-old: Week 3." It says, "Some toddlers can even make simple two-word sentences, such as 'No more' or 'All done.'"


The other day, Ali told me, "Ali no play outside. Inside Ali milk please. Ali inside."

If only some toddlers are just now stringing together two words, what does that make her?

Just what I've always known she was: one in a bazillion.
In other news: holy crap, I'm having a baby next month.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Video Friday!

To get your weekend started off right!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Weekend with Kaybee

With Alex in China for the last week, I had the great opportunity to have family come and visit and keep us company!

G-Mommy and Granddad came the first weekend--unfortunately there are not a lot of pictures because Ali was fighting a double ear infection AND a sinus infection at the time and we were preoccupied doing the song and dance trying to keep her happy and entertained instead of taking pictures. Boo. But the amazingly wonderful thing is that G-Mommy and Granddad are such Ali-favorites, baby girl was more than happy to hang out with them--even while not feeling 100% herself--giving this momma some time to sleep. Ahhhhhhh.

Aunt Katie came last weekend and with little miss feeling much better, we had a chance to head outdoors and let her run around like usual and snap some pics! (And I think I've figured out a way to get pics back on the blog!)

She picked out this outfit all on her own. My little fashionista.
Ali adores her Aunt Katie. Anytime my phone rings, baby girl immediately asks "Katie? Katie? KATIE??"
If there's one thing this kid loves, it's being outside. Bonus points if it's windy.
Flowers for Mom!
Then we headed indoors where Ali let Aunt Katie do her hair! 
This is a major win--baby girl never lets me do it!

(To see all the pics from our fun Saturday with Aunt Kaybee, click here!)

So nice to have family come and visit, but even nicer to have Alex home safe and sound.

In Dos news, I am officially 30 weeks pregnant! Eek! Only 10 weeks to go. We've got Ali's big girl room almost entirely ready and hope to have her moved over by the end of this month, freeing up the nursery for some boy-ing up. I'm still feeling good, my rings still fit, no swelling--I'm so lucky that pregnancy treats me so well and that I enjoy it so much. We had the chance to meet a friend of mine a couple of weeks ago for some family shots--check us out!

We have an incredibly busy spring ahead of us--showers and birthday parties and Alex's travel schedule and family visits and somewhere in there finding the time to enjoy our last few months as a family of three and prepare for the big transition to a family of four. Life is for the living and we're doing our best to make every minute count!