Saturday, April 23, 2011


As a mom, I think it's just in my blood to want to totally overshare about my cute kid.

Just this morning, here are all the things I wanted to share on Facebook, but didn't.

1. Aw! My kid just spontaneously thanked me for cooking her blueberry pancakes! Without any prompting from me, she said, "Tank ooo, Mommy, pancake." My heart = mush.

2. Dude. She just ate two and a half full-sized pancakes. That's the same amount I ate.

3. I happened to say, "I think that bites too big. I don't think that will fit in your mouth." She flashed me a defiant look and proceeded to prove me wrong. I LOVE that my daughter inherited my healthy sense of competition. :-)

4. Oh, and this little gem. I did share this one. :-)

Monday, April 18, 2011


I think of all the things I want to share with the world about my baby girl, her amazing conversational skills top the list. I think daily that I should carry around a tape recorder just to record for posterity the awesome things that come out of her mouth.

Just this evening, these are some of the conversations we had.

A: Daddy eat? 

M: No, daddy's not going to eat dinner with us. Daddy's on an airplane.

A: yeah. Big airplane. Biz trip. Mommy eat.

(she remembered from this morning that Alex is going on a business trip. Wow.)


Ali's new favorite obsession is hunting Easter eggs. At the restaurant tonight, this is what she said about everyone who was leaving.

A: Bye-bye! Go home, hunt eggs? Hunt Easter eggs? 

(clearly she thinks that everyone is as taken with the pastime as she is)


Ali looooves counting. Her new favorite number is thirty (which only recently replaced her most beloved "two.") This is how it goes when we count to thirty.

M: okay, let's count! What do we start with?

A: two!

M: One...

A: two!

M: good! what's next?

A: three!

M: what's next?

A: five!

M: four...

A: five!

M: five...

A: Here we go! 

M: No, not yet. Six...

A: Six...

M: seven...

A: seben...

M: eight...

A: eat? Mommy eat?

M: nine...

A: yeah...

M: ten!

A: Here we go!!!

M: Not yet! Eleven (yeah...), twelve (yeah...), thirteen (thirty!!!), fourteen (yeah...), fifteen (yeah...), sixteen (yeah...), seventeen (yeah...), eighteen (yeah...), nineteen (yeah...), twenty!

A: THIRTY! Go, go!!!

M: Twenty-one (yeah...), twenty-two (yeah...), twenty-three (yeah...), twenty-four (yeah...), twenty-five (yeah...), twenty-six (yeah...), twenty-seven (yeah...seben), twenty-eight (yeah...), twenty-NINE (YEAH...), THIRTY!!



And yesterday morning, when it was time for an Ali diaper change . . .

D: Come on Ali, it's time to change your diaper.

A: No dirty diaper. Teeny tiny poop. No dirty. Clean diaper. No big poop. Teeny tiny poop.

D: Yeah, even if it's just a teeny tiny poop, we still have to change your diaper.

A: No Ali dirty diaper. Daddy diaper. Daddy dirty diaper.


Seriously never a dull moment 'round these parts.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. Everyone is HOME! Last week, Alex went to Germany and Ali went to visit her grandparents, giving this momma a much-needed break before we hit the ground running with a newborn again. Ali LOVES her G-Mommy, Granddad, Bubbie, Zeydie, Munna, Poppy, and Aunt Katie, and I'm not sure she even missed being at home one minute with all the fun they had last week. They had Easter egg hunts and fed ducks at the park and went to a local farm, and Ali has spent the last several days telling me stories about all the fun things she remembers doing. I enjoyed my time by myself (the first I've gotten in EIGHTEEN MONTHS!), but I was ready ready ready for my family to come home. Ali has been unusually snuggly since returning and I am loving every second of it.

2. That's right! Ali is telling stories! She has an amazing memory and quite the imagination. Not only does she remember things that she's done days, even weeks ago, but she is also making up stories from her imagination. Her favorite character is her daddy, and she tells me all kinds of funny things about him (how he spilled yogurt and mommy had to clean it up, how he is taking a shower and then brushing his teeth and then putting on his clothes, etc.). I am constantly amazed at her!

3. She says "Yummy tummy" when she's eating something that she likes. Awesome.

4. She says "I sorry 'bout that" and then wants to touch foreheads while she looks lovingly into your eyes. Awesomer. We are in trouble if she remembers this little trick in the years to come. Powerless we are, I tell you.

5. Ali is now officially sleeping in her big-girl room! She graduated to her new and improved room two nights ago and she loves it. I think Alex and I had a harder time with her transition than she did (what? Change is hard, yo.).

6. Alex only has one more (short) business trip, and then he's home until August! It will be so very nice to have him home for such a long stretch. And scary to think that the next time he leaves, I'll have TWO kids to take care of on my own! Oi!

7. The pregnancy is going great. I feel as big as a house. I waddle. I grunt when I get up or down. I can't put on my own socks. All about par for the course at this point!

8. Dos has hair. 'Tis true. Long hair. We had a 3D ultrasound done, and not wanting to be out-performed by his big sister, he made a giant production of completely hiding his face. But we could tell that he has long hair already, long enough to wisp off his sweet little head. I can't wait to meet him to stroke his long hair and find out what he really looks like! Here's his big shot: hand over face, shoulder hunched up to hide any features we may have been able to sneak a peek at. Stinker. Cute wittle chubby hand, though.

9. Dos is still Dos. No name yet.

10. Ali's bluebonnet picture this year. It was a *LOT* harder than last year, when all we had to do was plop her in the flowers and make googly noises at her to earn a sweet smile. This year she decided that the WORST THING IN THE WORLD was being sat in the flowers and wasn't having any of it. We were stumped until I got the idea from a friend to take along a chair so that she wouldn't actually have to be in the flowers. Brilliant. So here's one of our shots of my sweet, sweet girl. Enjoy.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

One In A . . .

I get a weekly email that tells me interesting little developmental tidbits all about my baby girl according to how old she is. These emails are chock full of great advice in topics ranging from eating and teething to sleeping and playing. Pretty much I just scan them and delete them, as Ali has always been either right in line with or a bit ahead of whatever it's telling me.

This last week I got one for my "18-month-old: Week 3." It says, "Some toddlers can even make simple two-word sentences, such as 'No more' or 'All done.'"


The other day, Ali told me, "Ali no play outside. Inside Ali milk please. Ali inside."

If only some toddlers are just now stringing together two words, what does that make her?

Just what I've always known she was: one in a bazillion.
In other news: holy crap, I'm having a baby next month.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Video Friday!

To get your weekend started off right!!