Friday, November 20, 2009

Lunch with the Greats

Last Sunday we made the trek down to have lunch with Grandpa Studly (that's what my dad is calling himself!), Grandma-ma, and Ali's Great-grandparents. It was the first time she had gotten to meet her great-grandfather. She was a champ at the restaurant, charming family, waitstaff, and surrounding patrons alike!

What a motley bunch!
With Alex hopping in to join us...With great-grandparents
Hanging out with Great-Grandpa DaigleAll the excitement wore her out!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What a Day!

2 months, 3 days old . . . Ali had a big day!

To start things off, she made some wicked progress during tummy time. A little background: she's in the 40% for weight, but in the 80% for her head size. Basically that means she has a big ol' head that she has to learn how to tote around and control, and not nearly as much (proportionally) body mass to do it with. But today, she seemed determined!

The look of determination
A little bit higher
Eyes up...
And chest up! She looks like she's saying, "Woah! I'm so high!"Then came the real amazing part: she rolled over! That's right, at 2 months, 3 days old, our little girl rolled over from front to back on her own. Just before this video I had helped her along to show her how it's done. This is right after that, when she does it all on her own! (I was so excited I got her age wrong in the video . . . not 2 months 5 days, 2 months THREE days. Sheesh!)

After all that work, she zonked out after making one more big discovery: her thumb. :-)
What a big day for our little girl!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

2 Months!

We can't believe our little Ali is already two months old!

She has grown and changed so much over the last month. Closing in on 11 pounds, she is a long lady and usually outgrows her clothes in length long before being too big for them in girth. Today we had her in 3-6 month onesies! She spends her days squealing with delight, gnawing on her hands, kicking her legs, and watching in amazement whatever happens to catch her attention, be it the flashing lights on her play mat, the light coming in through the open window, or her dad's or my face. She is now able to hold her head steady and turn it from side to side and is figuring out that if we lay her on her stomach, she can lift her head up and still see the room. And yesterday she was positively delighted to discover that if she kicks energetically enough, her bouncy seat actually bounces!

Enjoy the pics! Happy 2-month birthday, sweet baby girl!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Houston, We Have Smiles!

Around five weeks old, Ali started giving us the most adorable, wide-open-mouthed grins. They were elusive at first: we could only get one every couple of days or so. Over the last two weeks, however, they've become more and more common, and now we have long stretches when she smiles and gurgles at us in total bliss (her bliss AND ours!).

The two most common times to get the smiles are just after she wakes up in the morning, refreshed and well-rested, and just after she eats and gets to spend some time on her jungle play mat.

On the play mat, thinking about smiling...

Here it comes...
You can just hear her squeal of delight in this one!And some morning smiles (sorry these first two are blurry--the flash was startling her):

And saving the best for last--a video!

What an amazing, heart-exploding thing a baby's smile is!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Post-Halloween Confession

I confess: Ali had three Halloween costumes this year. THREE.

It's really not as bad as it sounds!

An adorable (but expensive) glow worm from Gymboree, a cute flower from Walmart that we got because we felt so guilty about getting the expensive glow worm, and a precious little black cat hand-me-down from a friend whose daughter was born in September two years ago.

We had a fashion show one night to narrow down our plethora of choices!

The flower:

The glow worm:

And the big winner (as you could see from our previous Happy Halloween post), the kitty cat:

As you can see, both the flower and the glow worm were a bit big on our petite little lady. That coupled with the fact that they both actually cost money, and we decided to return them both.

But for a brief couple of weeks, little Ali actually had three Halloween costumes.

This does not bode well for my future of shopping for my daughter.