Monday, December 17, 2012

Ali's First Story

As narrated to me by Ali:

Once upon a time, there was a daddy of Ariel's, and his name was King Triton. And one day, he was crying. Ariel, his daughter, swam up and said, "What's the matter, Daddy?" and he said "The Sea Witch hit me today." 

Ariel swam up to the Sea Witch and said, "That's not nice. That's not okay to hit my daddy." So they were swimming, and while they were swimming, Ariel said, "This is the plan." The Sea Witch said "Yes." "We are going to swim up to my daddy, and you are going to say you're sorry." 

So when they were there, the Sea Witch said "Sorry," and then he, King Triton, said, "It's okay." And then Ariel took the Sea Witch back to her cave, and they piled in her bed for a nap, and then Ariel and King Triton went back to their castle in the water to take a nap. And then everyone was sleeping, Ariel, King Triton, the Sea Witch, Ariel's sisters, Ariel's friends and Sebastien. Everyone. The end.

Ali is 3 yrs, 3 months, and 2 days old.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Conversations with Ali

All of these convos happened with Ali today.

Ali: Mommy, watch me jump off the couch!
Me: We don't jump off the couch, love, especially not toward the coffee table. You could get hurt!
Ali: Oh . . . Mommy, watch me carefully climb down off the couch!

(When discussing The Little Mermaid)
Ali: Isn't there a but in that story?
Me: What?
Ali: Isn't there a but in that story?
Me: A but. You mean, like the word but?
Ali: Yeah. Isn't it in that story?
Me: Oh, I'm sure it is. Like, I could say "Ariel loved being a mermaid, but she wanted to be a human, too."
Ali: No, it's 'but it simply grazed her arm.'" (an exact, obscure quote from The Little Mermaid)

(When finishing up telling her the story of The Three Little Pigs)
Me: And the wolf decided he wanted to build a house, too, so he built a house out of bricks.
Ali: No, he didn't use bricks. He built his house out of the American flag.
Me: The American flag?
Ali: Yes, because that's even STRONGER than bricks. 

Ali: I'll have to do my hurry walk!
Me: What's your hurry walk?
Ali: Well, I have two hurry walks. One is slow and one is fast!
Me: Wait, wouldn't the slow walk be called a slow walk?
Ali: No, it's one of my hurry walks.
Me: But why is it a hurry walk if it's slow? If you're going slow, you really aren't hurrying.
Ali: Well, that's just the way God made it. Two speeds for a hurry walk.

(During her bedtime routine)
Ali: Will you come and check on me and wake me up?
Me: Yep!
Ali: Awesome good.

Ali is 3 years, 2.5 months old, and probably my most favorite person to talk to.