Saturday, June 21, 2008

New look, same great taste!

Dear faithful blog readers (all 3 of you),

I'm sure you've noticed the new look of Chausovsky Happenings. I got a little tired of the dots and haven't found a background yet that I like better, so for the time being, solid colors it is. I've also added a little slide show and, if you'll look to the right-hand column, a list of photo albums. All this is just an attempt to make the time you spend here a little more interesting.

If any of you are blog savants and don't mind coming over to help me spice things up even more, there's a cold beer in it for you!

Thanks for the reads,



Kerri said...

I'm a faithful reader :). I just finished Three Cups of Tea and LOVED it. Hope to see you soon!

ash said...

i redid my blog too :-) i'll have to go through all your travel albums soon!

PsyChris said...

Hi Alex and his lovely wife!

Alex- We haven't seen each other since high school, but I I stumbled on your blog today and wanted to say hello. It looks like you two have had some wonderful adventures. It would be wonderful to reconnect (if this doesn't seem too stalker-ish).

Take care,
Chris Marrero-Howieson

Hers said...

And loyal reader number 3 chimes in. Love the new design!