Sunday, January 11, 2009

Home Improvements (including #33)

After taking some time off of making big purchases for the house, we got back on the wagon this holiday season!

Here are the new bookshelves I've had my eye on since we moved in. I'm so excited--all my books and office supplies in one place now! No more having to go to the garage when I need a ruler or envelope! All that remains is picking a color for an accent wall, and I think I'll finally be satisfied with our office.
Also, crossing #33 off the list, the cat liter box! We ordered this cute little cabinet, which actually holds the cat litter box (you can see from the mat on the side there's a little opening there. I still need to "decorate" the corner, but we are so glad to finally have the cat litter box out of our third guest bedroom (especially since they decided to pee all over the carpet in that room and we're having to have it replaced! Boo! However, we are taking advantage of the "no carpet" in that room to start on #27, so stay tuned for pics of our first attempt at painting a room!).
Our final exciting purchase recently is a new TV! We've been stockpiling Fry's gift certificates for about a year now (it's pretty much all we asked for for birthdays and Christmas) and yesterday finally went and made our purchase. We got a fantastic deal on a floor model of a Christmas "special" and are thrilled!
Hope you can all make it by to visit sometime soon,

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