Friday, September 4, 2009


All great countdowns start with the crowd enthusiastically yelling "TEN!!!!"

What great countdown are we starting you might ask? Well, if you haven't been paying attention . . . it's the final countdown to Ali's due date! That's right folks, TEN days from now she is due to make her entrance into the world!! Now, the actual percentage of babies who do, in fact, make their entrance ON their due date is discouragingly low. Not shocking, I suppose, considering you are predicting a single day 9 months ahead of time. But still, in light of the fact that we don't know WHEN exactly Ali is going to come--might she be early? There's a full moon this weekend . . . and she is measuring ahead. Might she be late? Aren't most first babies late?--the countdown to her due date is the only concrete countdown we have. So, say it with me everybody: TEN!!!!!!!!

By the way, for you betting types, there is a poll on the right side of the page: place your bets! Will baby girl come early, on time, or late?

For your viewing pleasure (???) and sticking with our theme of "ten," we'll call this set of pictures "What a Difference Ten Weeks Makes."

Week 28

Week 38
As proof that life doesn't hold its breath with the rest of us, waiting for the big day, we have had a lot going on in the last week! The short version: Alex broke his finger, our fence blew down in a storm, and our car was stuck in a shop for more than a week because the sole mechanic hurt himself while working on it (cue carpooling mania). Though things were definitely a little harrier for a few days than we would have preferred in this final stretch, the good news is that Alex's finger is healing quickly, the fence was repaired free of charge by our neighbors' rental agency, and our car is out of the shop and driving smoothly once again. Whew! Thank you, baby girl, for not deciding to make our lives even MORE interesting by appearing in the midst of all that!

We are actually (dare I say it???) facing a 3-day weekend with NO plans, other than relaxing and maximizing our last few days of doing nothing together. The 'Horns season opener is this weekend, so the extent of our plans is to find a way to watch a little football. And I can say after the couple of weeks we've had, we are sooo looking forward to a little relaxing downtime.

We hope you all have equally relaxing weekends ahead!

Stay tuned . . . now that we're in the final countdown, we know it won't be long!



Deborah said...

NINE! You go girl... let's get that cousin for Sophie and Zoe here sooner rather than later. As for "labor day" my guess is that it won't be Monday 9/7. Have a great weekend. Love, Debbi

Joan said...

I am betting on September 12th for the arrival of Alina.. why you ask?
A ... L- 12.. I- 9 ..N... A :-)
We can not wait until the call that Alina has arrived and we get to see pictures of her beautiful face..We are so happy for you both and can't wait until our Texas reunion 2010 so the girls can all meet.
Aunt Joan