Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Happy Birthday G-Mommy! (Ali's First Road Trip)

Well, we packed up the house last weekend and headed north on Ali's first big road trip to visit Granddaddy and G-Mommy for G-Mommy's 60th birthday extravaganza! Packing turned out to be more involved than we originally planned on; it was stunning to see the amount of gear required for such a tiny little girl! True to form, Ali was a total champ at the road trip part. She slept the entire way, even when we hit dead-stopped traffic. Way to go, Ali!

While in Dallas, Ali got to finally meet four of her great-grandparents, as well as her Uncle Brian and Aunt Ragan. What a great weekend!

Saturday morning three of Ali's great-grandparents came to the house for lunch and a little snuggle time. Here is Ali getting to know great-grandma Thorn.

And here is Ali meeting Great-Grandma Munna (this is who Ali got her middle name from!).
Ali then got to spend a little quality time with Uncle Brian watching the Horns obliterate Mizzou. Hook 'Em!
Saturday night was G-Mommy's big party, so we put on our party clothes and had a great night! (Check out Ali's party shoes!) Here we are with the birthday girl (G-Mommy) and Bubbie.
Four generations of Cross women!
Getting in some hugs with Granddaddy before the guests arrived.
Pretty ladies!
What a great-looking family!
The next day Granddaddy and G-Mommy got in some last-minute hugs before we headed out.
Before heading back to Austin, we stopped at Ali's other great-grandparents' place for some hugs.
Ali and Bubbie checking each other out.
Ali and Zadie hanging out one last time.
Stay tuned for the next exciting post . . . smiles!!

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