Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Weekend with Kaybee

With Alex in China for the last week, I had the great opportunity to have family come and visit and keep us company!

G-Mommy and Granddad came the first weekend--unfortunately there are not a lot of pictures because Ali was fighting a double ear infection AND a sinus infection at the time and we were preoccupied doing the song and dance trying to keep her happy and entertained instead of taking pictures. Boo. But the amazingly wonderful thing is that G-Mommy and Granddad are such Ali-favorites, baby girl was more than happy to hang out with them--even while not feeling 100% herself--giving this momma some time to sleep. Ahhhhhhh.

Aunt Katie came last weekend and with little miss feeling much better, we had a chance to head outdoors and let her run around like usual and snap some pics! (And I think I've figured out a way to get pics back on the blog!)

She picked out this outfit all on her own. My little fashionista.
Ali adores her Aunt Katie. Anytime my phone rings, baby girl immediately asks "Katie? Katie? KATIE??"
If there's one thing this kid loves, it's being outside. Bonus points if it's windy.
Flowers for Mom!
Then we headed indoors where Ali let Aunt Katie do her hair! 
This is a major win--baby girl never lets me do it!

(To see all the pics from our fun Saturday with Aunt Kaybee, click here!)

So nice to have family come and visit, but even nicer to have Alex home safe and sound.

In Dos news, I am officially 30 weeks pregnant! Eek! Only 10 weeks to go. We've got Ali's big girl room almost entirely ready and hope to have her moved over by the end of this month, freeing up the nursery for some boy-ing up. I'm still feeling good, my rings still fit, no swelling--I'm so lucky that pregnancy treats me so well and that I enjoy it so much. We had the chance to meet a friend of mine a couple of weeks ago for some family shots--check us out!

We have an incredibly busy spring ahead of us--showers and birthday parties and Alex's travel schedule and family visits and somewhere in there finding the time to enjoy our last few months as a family of three and prepare for the big transition to a family of four. Life is for the living and we're doing our best to make every minute count!

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