Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I'm So Happy!

Last night G-Mommy and I took Ali out to dinner at one of her favorite restaurants-Olive Garden. This is a favorite because it means that she gets all noodles, all the time. And noodles are, quite possibly, her most favorite thing ever.

Half-way through her attack on a big bowl of spaghetti, with the sauce dripping down her mouth, chin, nose, cheeks, shirt, and hands, she looked up and gleefully declared, "I'm so happy, Mommy! I'm SO HAPPY!"

She has never said this phrase before.

It was the perfect, spontaneous expression of delight. And of course I laughed and G-Mommy laughed and Ali laughed and then just kept saying it, over and over again. "I'm so happy! I'm SO happy!"

Me, too, baby girl. Me, too.

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Katie said...

My most favoritest thing ever.