Saturday, July 7, 2012

Ali's First Dentist Visit

A couple of weeks ago, Ali had her very first visit to the dentist! She's had dentists come to visit her school, and she's very good about brushing her teeth twice a day. She was so excited for her visit!

The kids' dentist we visited had a great office--lots of fun toys and a movie playing not only in the waiting room, but also on screens in the ceiling of the main exam room! The staff were very friendly, and Ali did so GREAT with her cleaning, they even did some baseline X-rays of her mouth, from which we for to see her adult teeth already starting to form. Neat stuff!

I was SO proud of how well she did, and the staff was obviously impressed as well--they gave her a balloon, sticker, bear, and a bouncy ball!

Enjoy the pics!


Katie said...

zomg! she's the cutest :)

Dad said...

Ali is growing up so fast! What a mature, self assured little girl she is!

Melisa Guyette said...

Aww, Ali looks so happy and eager to be at the dentist’s clinic! It’s so great to see little kids who are excited about going to a dentist. This will definitely make all their appointments a lot easier to deal with. It’s also good that the staff were so encouraging because this will make her eager to go again, so you won’t have to force her.