Sunday, January 27, 2008

#25, #35, and #36!

I know it's been a while, but we've been busy! My practices have picked up to 7 coached practices a week (I only go to 6 of them because I'm a firm believer in the benefits of a day off!), and I've been freelance writing in my "free time" to make a little extra money. I wish I could say it was "spending cash," but ultimately it's going toward paying down the medical bills...although, technically, I guess that's still "spending it." We've spent our little time together watching football (way to go, Giants!!), catching up on our DVR'd shows, and slowly but surely crossing things off the list!

#25: After core class a few Mondays ago, Alex treated me to a vegan, macrobiotic, organic meal at Casa de Luz, an incredible restaurant tucked away in downtown Austin. For $12 per person, it's an all-you-can eat health-food delight. We had salad and pumpkin soup for appetizers and brown rice topped with nori, mixed veggies, Anasazi beans, and pickled red cabbage. We could have gone back for more, but I was surprisingly satisfied! And the most amazing part was that I didn't feel like vegging on the couch afterwards the way I do when we eat our more regular fare--pasta, chicken, fries, etc.... We were so pleasantly surprised with the food and the way we felt afterwards that we are going to try and make it a Monday night, post-workout tradition.

#35: We had this incredible find at an after-Christmas sale! I have been wanting a full-length mirror for a while. We were at a furniture store to pick up some missing parts from our coffee table, and while waiting, I noticed this mirror. It would match our bedroom perfectly, and I noticed that it was unusually deep. Lo and behold, it opens up to a jewelry organizer!! We bought it immediately and just finished hanging it last weekend. (On a side note, we noticed when we went back to pick it up that the "original price" it had been marked down from when we bought it was the new "sale" price, and the "original price" had doubled! Sneaky store!!)

#36: Alex and my dad spent the better part of a weekend putting up gutters! Yay! It has rained several times since and they work, well, exactly like they're supposed to.

Training and Fundraising update:
We had our big Mardi Gras fundraiser last Tuesday and raised nearly $3,000! The food was delicious, the band was awesome, and we were treated to some members of my team doing the Thriller dance. All in all a fantastic evening and a lot of money raised for a great cause. As for training, we are in the middle of a "ramp-up" segment, so I'm pretty tired! We had a 50-mile bike ride yesterday, followed by an 8-mile run this morning, so I'm thinking for today I'm going to take a big fat nap. Maybe when I wake up there will be a massage place open. Man that would feel mighty nice right about now!

I hope this finds you all well and that I get to see you sometime soon,


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ashley said...

i love the jewelry cabinet/mirror! that's fabulous! what a great find!