Tuesday, January 1, 2008


We were downtown last night at midnight for the "big" ball drop and the explosions of confetti and general gaiety. Very fun. But, the big news is that on our way out, I just happened to serendipitously pass two police officers. Okay, maybe there were officers everywhere and I couldn't have avoided passing any, but still, we passed two police officers and I went up to both and shook their hands, thanked them for being there, and wished them a happy New Year. They in turn thanked us for leaving after midnight.

Then we headed over to Alex's brother's NYE party and I am happy to say that we are starting 2008 as the still-reigning beer pong champs.

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Mary Catherine Urban said...

Niiiice. Way to go champions! FYI-if you ever want a run for your money in flip cup, I'm your girl...