Thursday, April 30, 2009

Halfway Mark!

It has been an exciting month! April brought with it our 4-year anniversary, a fun-filled girls' trip through the Texas Hill Country, and our 20-week appointment!

On April 16th, Alex and I celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary. Unfortunately I was in the throes of battling a nasty cold, so we couldn't follow through with our plans for a night out dancing. Instead, we treated ourselves to dinner out followed by a game of glow-in-the-dark putt-putt golf. It was a throw-back to our young, carefree high school dates and so much fun! We then came home and watched our wedding video, a tradition on our anniversary. It was great to get to relive that day again, and we were once again reminded just how wonderful the celebration was. Alex got me a gorgeous diamond and sapphire ring to commemorate not only our relationship but also the upcoming birth of our sweet baby girl (sapphire is the birthstone for September). It was a wonderful day!

Unfortunately Alex had to leave for his yearly spring trip to Germany the next day, so my mom came into town and we had a great girls' weekend! After lunch with my brother and sister-in-law (who were in town for a friend's wedding), mani/pedis, and a chick flick in Austin on Friday, we got up bright and early on Saturday and headed down to Fredricksburg, an adorable German town tucked into the Texas Hill Country. We spent the day walking up and down Main St. and buying things here and there for Alina...and ourselves. It was the first time I'd really been shopping for Ali, and it was so much fun!! I have to wonder if shopping for a little boy would have been nearly so exciting. We went to a local play that night--Love, Sex, and the IRS. It didn't really have much to do with love...or sex...but it was a nice way to spend the evening. In the morning we went to the Peddler's Fair craft show and bought some tasty dips, and then made a pit stop in Luckenbach on our way back into town. Here are some pictures from our great weekend!

Here we are enjoying slices of pie at a cute house-turned-pie-shop in Fredricksburg.

At the entrance to the Peddler's Show.

Here I am milling amongst the bikers in Luckenbach. They were all drinking long necks (heck, it's what you DO in Luckenbach), but I think I fit in nicely with my bottle of water.
Everybody's somebody in Luckenbach!

On Monday we had our 20-week appointment. 20 weeks! Halfway!! I won't go so far as to say that it has flown by, but it is awesome (and crazy) to say that we will get to meet our daughter in 20 weeks or less!! The appointment was great, as all her appointments have been. She is growing like a weed--she's measuring in the 91st percentile (this means that she's bigger than 91% of all other babies her age), and her head is measuring more than a week ahead! We have already talked to her about having mercy on her mommy and slowing that growth a bit before it's time to deliver. Before we left, the doctor showed us where her bottom and feet are...they are so much higher than I was imagining! I guess that goes along with the whole "91%" thing.

I've been feeling her consistently for about a week now--it's not "bubbles" like some people say, or "flutters" or "tickles," and it's definitely not kicks and punches yet. The best was I can describe it is that it feels squirmy, like she's wiggling around in there. It's so fun to feel her react to what I eat, how I sit, etc. She always makes sure to wiggle around a little to say goodnight and good morning! The doctors said that Alex probably won't be able to feel her for a couple of more weeks, but that doesn't keep him from patiently trying all the time.

Here's the great profile shot we missed last time. I told Alex I think she's going to have my nose!

And finally, here's a shot of me from the same day--20 weeks! Halfway!


Mom said...

Our wonderful trip to the Hill Country was a gift for me! I can't wait to take Alina with us some day.

Juicy said...

well, don't you just look cute! Pregnancy seems to suit you, my dear.