Saturday, April 4, 2009

Our Beauty Queen and My Belly

Sorry it took me so long to get the latest ultrasound pictures scanned! As mentioned in the last post, Ali thwarted our doc's attempt to get her cute profile, so all we have are front-of-the-face shots. Alex doesn't like when I call her Skeletor, so I've switched to "the beauty queen" (and you can read as much into any inherent sarcasm that you want).

Here's a recent belly shot--as you can see, it's pretty obvious now that this is a baby belly, not a beer belly! This shot was taken at 16 weeks, 3 days.

In other news, our crib is in! We found the crib we loved at Babies R Us, and then ordered it instead from Walmart, saving mucho $ and getting free shipping in the process. Alex wants to set it up now, but I'm thinking we may want to wait until the chair rails are installed. He tried to work on those last weekend, but this is how that went:

Attempt 1: cut chair rails to appropriate lengths with cheap-o miter saw kit we picked up from Home Depot.
Fail 1: Cheap-O miter saw kit was worth every penny we paid and couldn't do the job.

Attempt 2: paint chair rails now so that we won't have to do it when they're on the wall.
Fail 2: No paint brushes.

Attempt 3: mark studs in wall so that when we do acquire an adequate miter saw AND paint brushes, we will know where to nail.
Fail 3: Our stud finder was broken. you can probably guess, we struck out with the chair rail project last weekend. Not a big deal, though, because we still have lots of time. I keep saying that.......

Alex is in California this weekend visiting an old friend of his whose fiance is also pregnant (due in May). They figured this was probably one of their last chances for some carefree guy time. I plan on spending all this free time hanging out with my sister and my friends, and hopefully getting in a little shopping (that belly looks more and more ridiculous in my "normal" clothes with every passing day).

Hope you are all doing well, and fingers are crossed that the next post will show progress on the chair rails, the crib, or both!


Lori Darchicourt said...

That's hilarious - Alex's attempts at the chair rail. Good luck! Glad you got a good deal on the crib at Walmart - that's where we bought our stuff! :)

Larisa said...

Our attempts at nursery and kiddie bathroom renovation this past week went much the same way. Every time Greg got ready to do something, he realized he was missing some key thingamabob to get the job done, which resulted in many, many trips to Home Depot. Ugh. I feel your pain.

Best of luck with that!