Sunday, December 20, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Yes, yes. A month late. But with all the focus Christmas gets, Thanksgiving kind of gets swept aside every year. I figured we should give Thanksgiving some respect, and what better way to do that than keep the Thanksgiving spirit alive a whole month after it has come and gone? (Believable? No? Y'all think I just haven't had time to post these pics what with having a baby and returning to work and trying to get ready for Christmas? Sheesh.)

We had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving this year. Alex headed out for his annual Germany trip, so Ali and I packed up the car and headed to Dallas for the week. Though it was a little hard at first being away from home and out of our normal routine, having so many willing, helpful hands around MORE than made up for it! We loved loved loved being home and spending some good quality time with family. I even made it away from the baby for my first post-Ali pedicure, and it was wonderful!

Thanksgiving day was filled with family, including Alex's parents, grandparents, and brother (even though Alex was still in Germany). Ali didn't know what to do with so many people willing and eager to love on her. What a lucky girl!

Here she is with Greats Munna and Poppy.

Getting some love from Great-Grandma Thorn
Four generations of awesome.
Ali looooooves her G-Mommy!
While looking adorable in her special Thanksgiving dress, Ali was not too sure about the whole "gourd" theme.
Lovin' hanging out with her Bubbie.
Ali caught on quickly to the post-Thanksgiving-meal tradition.
We watched the Horns beat up on (er...squeak past) the rival Aggies.
I swear on Bevo this is not a posed shot. It's just in her blood. Hook 'em Horns!
It was a perfect first Thanksgiving with our little Ali cat, surrounded with lots of family and love. We are so incredibly thankful for what this year has brought us and how our lives have changed and become so much more rich. Happy Thanksgiving!

(for those of you on Facebook, you already know there are some great December holiday shots on their way! With any luck, I'll get them posted by Valentines.)

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