Sunday, January 31, 2010

4 Months (and counting...)

Ali is now four months (and 2 weeks and 2 days) old! We are loving every day with her, watching her learn new things and gain new skills. She chews on her toes. She laughs. She holds her arms out to me to pick her up (!!). She is working on sitting independently, but her big ol' head keeps making it hard for her!

We went to a friend's 2-year-old's birthday party today, and Ali had her very first taste of swings (held in Mommy's arms) and slides (held in Daddy's arms). We think she liked them both! We had to bundle her up--it was in the upper 30's and the party was at a playground--and lo and behold, her cute winter hat that I got in a size 6-to-9-months no longer fit her (see aforementioned big ol' head). It is so fun to see her growing and realize what a big girl she is becoming.

Enjoy her 4-month shots!

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ashley said...

she is so beautiful!! those eyes and eyelashes! amazing!

happy 4 months little one!