Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. Aside from me not eating dairy for the health benefits, I sometimes forget the havoc it can wreak on baby girl. I had pizza for dinner Friday night. She had a TERRIBLE night Saturday--up almost every hour crying--and then awake two more times Sunday night. I felt so guilty. Sorry baby.

2. She slept through the night again (finally) last night, but Alex and I both dreamed of being up with her every hour. Post traumatic stress syndrome anyone?

3. I sleep with her daycare swaddle so that she can smell me and be comforted while she's away. She takes awesome naps at daycare. So I slept with her nighttime swaddle last night to see if it would help her be less restless. Tonight is the big experiment. Fingers crossed.

4. We still swaddle. She still likes it.

5. From 6-8 p.m. is my very favorite part of every day. Play time, naked time (for the baby!), bath time, and sweet sleepy nursing.

6. 8:30 p.m. is my second favorite part of the day. Bed time for me.

7. Last night our cat threw up, Ali had a massive blow-out poo-splosion that got all over her and Alex, I burned dinner trying to get them both into the shower to rinse off, and our other cat tried to cover the throw-up spot on the carpet with some of Ali's toys. All in the span of like 6 minutes. Who knew life with a baby would be so exciting??

Behold the poo-splosion (courtesy of the dairy consumption mentioned in #1).

8. I've been telling Ali all week that G-Mommy is coming to visit in a few days. She is SUPER excited!!

9. Alex is leaving on a three-day business trip tomorrow. Guess who's NOT super excited about that? (If you said all three of us, you'd be right.)

10. A couple of weeks ago Ali found her feet and her new favorite things to chew on are her yummy little toes. Cutest.Thing.Ever.

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