Friday, August 20, 2010

Ali and the Fork

Ali has become more and more interested in forks. (Well, I don't think it's the fork so much as watching us use a tool to eat with, but whatever.) So I decided to start letting her experiment with her own fork. I'm not expecting much, but it's fun to watch her learn!

At first she understood that part of it goes in your mouth, but I think she was confused as to which part.

Here, Mom. Show me again!

Like this, baby girl.

Now she's got it.

She thought about it for a minute . . . 
(what? I haven't told you Ali's newest trick? It's the pondering look. She puts a finger to her mouth and everything!)
While she thought, I got in a sneak shot of her feet. 
How adorable is she that she eats with her feet crossed loosely at the ankles??

She abandoned her fork for her trusty-yet-dainty fingers.

But then! She spied the *real* fork. The BIG fork. She was hooked.

Nope, not that end.

Now she's getting it . . .

Yay! The fork went from the food to her mouth! It's true there wasn't actually any food on it, but that's fork-usage 2.0. She's got the first concept down!

How amazing is it to watch a child learn something new??? Love it!!


Julie said...

Love the play by play! Hilarious!

natalie said...

Too cute! Isn't it amazing how imitative little ones are?!