Sunday, August 15, 2010

My New Favorite Thing

It's not that she takes everything out of a container and carefully puts it all in a pile before putting each item meticulously back IN the container.

It's not that she loves magic tricks and laughs hysterically each time a ball "disappears" and then "reappears."

It's not that she mimics the things she hears now, saying "ooooh" when she turns on her toy and "eaaaaahhhhh" when the cats meow.

It's not that she is now cruising along our furniture, getting to where she wants to go without help.

It's not that she knows how to put the magnetic letters back on the fridge and her bath toys back in their container.

My new favorite thing is a questioning expression she does, hands up, palms toward the sky, a baby-girl-voiced "eh?" whenever she sees something that she questions.

Where did the ball go?

Where did Dad go?

What just happened?

What did I do?

How did I get so cute?

Okay, not that last one. That's a question I find myself asking about her over and over again. Silly Mommy.

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Katie said...

Sweet girl! Love your posts, Keep 'em comming!