Sunday, November 28, 2010

Play Time

Thanksgiving was wonderful, marred only by the fact that Alex was once again in Germany for a trade show (don't those Germans care about our family holidays???). Ali and I flew to Dallas Wednesday night, choosing the busiest travel day of the year for our first solo flight. Brilliant. We arrived to the airport expecting chaos and mayhem, only to find not a single line in sight. Seriously, the place was practically deserted. Our flight wasn't even full. Sweet! Ali did great on the short flight--whew!

Because I was traveling solo--and therefore light--I didn't bring my camera with me, so no pics of the holiday yet. I have to wait for my family to email me some favs from their cameras! (hint, hint)

We flew home on Friday to meet Alex at the Austin airport. Ali saw him, said, "Dada?" and then yelled "DAAAAAAA!!!!" while running to him as fast as her little feet would carry her. Even if I weren't pregnant I probably would have teared up at that. Add my pregnancy hormones to the mix, and well, the way I was crying and the way Alex dropped to his knees and wrapped her in a huge hug, onlookers probably thought he was coming home from a 9-month deployment.

Saturday, our little reunited family took some time to play. Ali got to play at our neighborhood playground, and I got to play on my camera. I've been remiss in taking pictures lately . . . toddlers are a lot harder to photograph than sweet little babies who just sit there and smile.

Here are a few shots from our play time. Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving!

Busy girl exploring the rocks.
Loving the rake!
My sweet angel.
She loves climbing up and down stairs.
Check out the lashes. :::swoon:::
This one just makes me smile. The cheeks. The inquisitive expression. The checking to make sure her belly button is still there.
Hard at work.
So glad these two were reunited.
Hiya, gorgeous.
She was totally fascinated by the basketball players. That's my girl!
Goodness I love this one. Slightly out of focus, but what a jolly little swagger she has going on!
Now that she's walking, she's always on the move! Kinda makes it hard to get those nicely posed shots.
Walking, drinking, and looking adorable enough to charm the socks off of anyone around. Multitasking at its finest.

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