Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Newest Little Family Member

On November 12, our family welcomed its newest little member: baby Chandler! My brother Brian and his wife, Ragan, welcomed their first daughter into the world, and she is a BEAUT! Katie and I get to go visit baby Chandler in North Carolina next weekend (which will also be Alex's first time alone with Ali!), and I can't wait!

Here are some pics of the cutie patootie. *sigh* I just love sleepy little newborns.

Check out the feet on this gal! She's going to be a tall one for sure.
How on Earth does any new mother look this fantastic and put together???
She caught right on to the Thanksgiving family tradition. Eat, then nap.

Brian with his baby girl. Love.

Welcome to our family, sweet Chandler!!!

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