Monday, April 18, 2011


I think of all the things I want to share with the world about my baby girl, her amazing conversational skills top the list. I think daily that I should carry around a tape recorder just to record for posterity the awesome things that come out of her mouth.

Just this evening, these are some of the conversations we had.

A: Daddy eat? 

M: No, daddy's not going to eat dinner with us. Daddy's on an airplane.

A: yeah. Big airplane. Biz trip. Mommy eat.

(she remembered from this morning that Alex is going on a business trip. Wow.)


Ali's new favorite obsession is hunting Easter eggs. At the restaurant tonight, this is what she said about everyone who was leaving.

A: Bye-bye! Go home, hunt eggs? Hunt Easter eggs? 

(clearly she thinks that everyone is as taken with the pastime as she is)


Ali looooves counting. Her new favorite number is thirty (which only recently replaced her most beloved "two.") This is how it goes when we count to thirty.

M: okay, let's count! What do we start with?

A: two!

M: One...

A: two!

M: good! what's next?

A: three!

M: what's next?

A: five!

M: four...

A: five!

M: five...

A: Here we go! 

M: No, not yet. Six...

A: Six...

M: seven...

A: seben...

M: eight...

A: eat? Mommy eat?

M: nine...

A: yeah...

M: ten!

A: Here we go!!!

M: Not yet! Eleven (yeah...), twelve (yeah...), thirteen (thirty!!!), fourteen (yeah...), fifteen (yeah...), sixteen (yeah...), seventeen (yeah...), eighteen (yeah...), nineteen (yeah...), twenty!

A: THIRTY! Go, go!!!

M: Twenty-one (yeah...), twenty-two (yeah...), twenty-three (yeah...), twenty-four (yeah...), twenty-five (yeah...), twenty-six (yeah...), twenty-seven (yeah...seben), twenty-eight (yeah...), twenty-NINE (YEAH...), THIRTY!!



And yesterday morning, when it was time for an Ali diaper change . . .

D: Come on Ali, it's time to change your diaper.

A: No dirty diaper. Teeny tiny poop. No dirty. Clean diaper. No big poop. Teeny tiny poop.

D: Yeah, even if it's just a teeny tiny poop, we still have to change your diaper.

A: No Ali dirty diaper. Daddy diaper. Daddy dirty diaper.


Seriously never a dull moment 'round these parts.

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