Saturday, July 2, 2011

1 Month

Yep. A month. A whole, entire month. (Okay, if we're facing the truth, it's been a month and SIX DAYS!) Time flies with your first kid, but with your second? Holy moly.

Sam is awesome. He's a great sleeper, he's a phenomenal snuggler, he's a very chill little man, and he's an early smiler! In fact, we started getting true, reciprocal smiles when he was only TWO weeks old! And what a sweet, sweet little grin he has.

One of the things that helped time go so quickly this last month is all the visitors we've had! Sam is a lucky little man--he's gotten to meet all his grandparents and three of his four aunt/uncle sets. Below are some shots from our family visitors. Enjoy and be jealous of all the sweet baby snuggles.





Uncle Jonathan and Aunt Kerri

Aunt Katie



Uncle Genes

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mikechaus said...

Samy is a certainly one cute little metal rabbit. With a such loving big family he is already a very rich man, that's why he is smiling a lot. I would. Hopefully he'll benefit from us and we'll benefit from him. And whole world will!!!!!

Zeidy(another metal rabbit)