Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Good Day

Sunday, July 3, was a good day.

It was Aunt Katie's birthday. Happy birthday, Aunt Katie! It was also the birthday of Ali's best friend from school. They don't get to hang out as much any more because the friend has already moved up to the next classroom, so we were very excited to give the girls a chance to see each other again.

We got all dressed up for the birthday at the Children's Museum. Ali wore her special 4th-of-July party dress to celebrate the day! AND she let me put her hair in a ponytail!
The party was fabulous. When the girls saw each other, they ran up and gave each other a huge hug. There may be nothing cuter in the entire world than toddler hugs. They then promptly ran off in separate directions to play. Here's Ali enjoying some snacks at the party table.
Sam was a total trooper. He slept most of the time, we nursed at the museum, and then he had a WILD ride back to our car. You see, I had tied a balloon to the stroller. It was the first time he'd ever seen a balloon. I think it kind of blew his mind.
After all that excitement, Sam promptly fell back asleep while we had dinner at Mandola's. Here's Ali double-fisting it. That girl loves her some spaghetti.
We then headed outside to play by the fountain.

Here's Ali's "cheeeeese" face:
And here's what I get when I tell her not to say "cheeeeese."
So there you have it. A great day with both kids. Some days make us wonder what the heck we got ourselves into. Some days make us feel like rock stars and have us loving every second. Yay for the good days!!

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