Sunday, August 14, 2011

Big (Sister) Love

Ali and I hit the park this morning while the boys got to sleep in. It was such a nice hour of just the two of us. So often these days I find myself dedicated to Sam, and I miss my little girl somethin' fierce.

We climbed. We slid. We searched the rocks for . . . well, rocks. We climbed to the top of the play scape and then picked up all the rocks on the floor, dropping them over the side by ones and twos and fistfulls.

After handing rocks to Ali to drop for the ump-teenth time, she got up and picked up some rocks for me.

"Here you go, sweet pea," she told me, mimicking my nickname for her.

"Thank you, baby! Are those for me?" I asked, smitten.

"Yes. These rocks for Mommy."

She then reached down and gathered another handful, setting them into a careful pile at her feet.

"These rocks for Ali."

And then another handful, another pile at her feet.

"And these rocks for baby Sammy."

"Aw, that's very nice of you!" I praised her.

She nodded. "These rocks for Ali, these rocks for baby Sammy. That way we both be happy."

And then my heart exploded for the bazillionth time since having kids.

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