Thursday, August 18, 2011

Some Nights Just Kick Ass

Some nights are hard. Mom and Dad are tired. Kids are cranky. House is a mess. Cats are throwing up.

And some nights just kick ass. Like tonight. First off, we got home, and Ali was giving her baby brother tons of love. So we took the opportunity to get a sibling shot.

Heehee. A true sibling shot. Kinda looks like they're messing with each other a bit, right?

How 'bout this one?

It's okay. I'll pause for the collective "awwwwww."

And then there was the rare opportunity for me to step out from behind the camera and actually be in the pictures myself. Alex did a great job!

And then there's this. My and my kiddos. Gosh they make me ridiculously happy.

Then we let Sam get in a little evening tummy time.

He's so stinking cute.

And then there was this. (Ignore the blithering mommy doing the filming. I was just a wee bit excited.)

I forgot how exciting all these "firsts" are!

So there you have it. Our evening in a nutshell.

It kicked ass.

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