Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Funny

A few days ago, we were sitting around, having dinner, and Ali was talking about her friend Luke. We had been to Luke's house a few times in the last couple of weeks and Ali was telling us about the last time we were over there.

"Ali and Luke play upstairs." Oh, were you and Luke playing upstairs?

"Yes. Ali fell down. Luke help Ali up and make it better." Oh, that's very sweet! Did Luke make Ali feel better when she fell down? 

"Yes. Ali and Luke eat sandwich." Did you eat a sandwich with Luke? Was it good?

"Yes. Luke's mom said, 'STOP, Luke!!'" (and to emphasize, she brought her little hand down in chopping motion into her other hand--the sign for "stop"--when she said "STOP!")

Cue laughter. Did Luke's mom tell him to stop doing something? What does Ali's mom say?

"Ali's mom says 'STOP, Alex!!"

So there you have it. Kids are perceptive little creatures.


I know you've been getting a lot of Ali stories, but she's just so funny these days! Sam is equally exciting in his own right . . . just not in the same way.

Like this morning, he totally reached up and grabbed the frog ring on his chair and pulled it, making it play a song. For the first time!!

See? Exciting but makes for a much less entertaining story. :-)

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Polly said...

LOL that's awesome! And yes, Luke's mom says "Stop Luke!" quite frequently.