Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Conversations with Ali

Ali: Mommy, what happened to my water? Did it melt?

Me: No, your ice melted into water. You see, ice is verrrrry cold. When it touches warm air, it warms up and turns into water. It melts.

Ali: Oh, okay. And then when I drink my water, it melts into a cup, and then flowers, and then popcorn, and then cheerios.

Me: Um . . .

Ali: And then we get into the car and go to the gym, and then to the store, and then into someone's tummy, and then we're a baby, and then we cry because our water melted.

Me: Oh, really?

Ali: Yeah, but that's okay. We should not cry because our water melted because it's JUST WATER. And then flowers. And then popcorn. And then cheerios.

Me: . . . I agree.

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