Wednesday, March 11, 2009

2nd Tri

Well, I've officially made it into the second trimester! General opinion on when exactly that transition takes place varies. Some say it's the 12 week mark...I think because that's three months, which is 1/3 of the traditional "nine months" of pregnancy. Others say 13 weeks because that's closer to 1/3 of the actual 40 weeks of pregnancy (with an extra "bonus week" as my cousin put it). So, I waited until 13 weeks, 2 close to actually 1/3 of the 40 weeks as I could get!

I can already tell that I am a prime candidate for the return to "normal" that all the books talk about. I stayed up past 11 three nights out of the last five! I've been able to go back to eating pretty much whatever sounds good to my husband (instead of the other way around). And I've started to long for exercise again.

I have also realized that I am NOT one of those women who will be at 20 weeks and you won't even be able to tell they are pregnant. (Seriously. I had a friend like that. NO bump at 20 weeks!) For your viewing pleasure, a shot of my beginning-of-second-trimester bump (sorry it's kind of fuzzy):
...and I love it! So far (ask me again in the middle of the Texas-summer-third-trimester), I am loving being pregnant! And I have a feeling I will LOVE my 2nd tri.

It's so hard to wait four weeks between every appointment...I'm halfway there. Two more weeks and we'll get to see Cosmo again...and MAYBE find out if Cosmo's a he or a she. Yay! Oh, and in other Cosmo news, he/she already has distinct fingerprints! That kid is amazing!!

Hope all is well with all of you!

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Lori Darchicourt said...

I'm so glad you've felt well so far! Fingers crossed that it stays that way. ;)