Sunday, March 8, 2009

#7: I'm 30! (and I love it!)

That's right. Last Wednesday I turned the big 3-0. After hearing so many horror stories about the angst and drama that accompanies this big day, I was determined not to let myself fall prey to those feelings of "I'm soooo old!" In all actuality, I am delighted to be 30!

Don't get me wrong, I loved my 20s. I earned 2 degrees, had 2 fulfilling careers, got married, traveled to exotic locations, bought a house, and became the proud momma of two adorable cats and the proud momma-to-be of one adorable baby. But in my mind, 30 marks the turning point into actual adulthood. I think people will take me more seriously now that I'm a 30-something.

Alex was traveling the day before my birthday and was not scheduled to land back home until after midnight. But, being the amazing man that he is, he finagled his way onto an earlier flight, and made it home at 11:56, just in time to spend the last four minutes of my 20s with me and to see me into the official start of my 30s. I love that man.

He then took me out to breakfast (kolaches--yum!), my team took me out to lunch, and we met our good friends for dinner at P.F. Chang's before meeting our softball team at the bowling alley. What a great day! The "big" party was this Saturday. Alex planned the entire thing, and it was awesome! We (a group of about 25) took a tour of Lake Austin on a cute little party boat, complete with multiple deck levels, a great stereo system, and a kitchen for all the snacks. The weather was perfect for the outdoor festivities (gotta love early March in Texas)--a breezy, slightly cloudy 80 degrees. We ended the evening with dinner at Waterloo Icehouse.

It was a GREAT birthday week, and I am so blessed to have all these wonderful people in my life to celebrate it with!!

Here are some party-goers on one of the boat levels with a shot of the 360 bridge in the background.
Here's a very happy birthday girl snuggled up to the mastermind behind the event:
And finally, the always fun group shot:

For more pics of the evening, check out the link in the photo albums section on the right. Enjoy!

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