Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Results are In...

That's right folks. According to my doctor there is a "200% chance" we are having a girl!! We couldn't be more excited. In addition to her "goods," we also got to see the two sides of her brain and the four chambers of her beating heart, and the doc measured her head, stomach, and thigh bones...her legs and head are measuring about 4 days ahead of the rest of her! Overall she is in the 51%, meaning she is exactly dead on target for her "age" development wise. We didn't get as many cute pictures from this appointment as we did from our last one...a few face shots that look mostly like Skeletor from the old 80's He-Man series (I'll post pics when I get them scanned into our computer!). The doc tried to get a good profile but just couldn't get the right angle...I think he was irked that she trumped his ultrasound skills, so he wrote a note in our file to give us a freebie ultrasound at our next appointment, just so that we can get our cute profile! Yay!

And we already have a named all picked out (in fact, it's been picked out for a was the boy name we were having trouble with, and now we don't have to worry about it!)...
Alina May
Besides sounding really pretty, Alina is a mixture of Alex and Kalina (my "Russian name"). We'll call her Ali for short (a mixture of Alex and Kelly), and May is after my maternal grandmother. We are very excited that we have picked a name with a little bit of Russian flair to honor Ali's dad's side of the family, and a little bit of Southern charm to honor her mom's side.

I've been slowly but surely acquiring baby gear, sale by sale. My latest score was a cute sling that will help me keep my hands free while wearing Ali around. Here's a pic of me trying it out with a very patient kitty.

And finally, in some non-baby-related news, we had our first good spring-time Texas storm! True to form, the clouds blew in and out in about 45 minutes, but not before giving us a solid hail storm. Check out the footage!

Hope this finds you all well! I'll post updated belly and ultrasound pics soon!


Su Murdock said...

wahoooo!!!! We are so excited for ya'll! What a beautiful name! The Ct. Yankees are psyched!
We love you all!

Su and Jay (and Chris and Justin remotely!)

Mom said...

Dad and I are so EXCITED!!
We are the best babysitters on the planet and will be on your doorsteps often!
Lots of love!

Larisa said...

Lol. I did the exact same thing with our kitty Gomez when I got my slings in the mail. :) He was very cool for about 45 seconds.

Congrats again on your little girl. That is so exciting. I love the name Alina!

Lori D. said...

Congrats! Love the cat pic! Can't wait to meet Alina this fall. :)