Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Houston, We Have Smiles!

Around five weeks old, Ali started giving us the most adorable, wide-open-mouthed grins. They were elusive at first: we could only get one every couple of days or so. Over the last two weeks, however, they've become more and more common, and now we have long stretches when she smiles and gurgles at us in total bliss (her bliss AND ours!).

The two most common times to get the smiles are just after she wakes up in the morning, refreshed and well-rested, and just after she eats and gets to spend some time on her jungle play mat.

On the play mat, thinking about smiling...

Here it comes...
You can just hear her squeal of delight in this one!And some morning smiles (sorry these first two are blurry--the flash was startling her):

And saving the best for last--a video!

What an amazing, heart-exploding thing a baby's smile is!

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ashley said...

such a beautiful smile!!