Sunday, November 15, 2009

2 Months!

We can't believe our little Ali is already two months old!

She has grown and changed so much over the last month. Closing in on 11 pounds, she is a long lady and usually outgrows her clothes in length long before being too big for them in girth. Today we had her in 3-6 month onesies! She spends her days squealing with delight, gnawing on her hands, kicking her legs, and watching in amazement whatever happens to catch her attention, be it the flashing lights on her play mat, the light coming in through the open window, or her dad's or my face. She is now able to hold her head steady and turn it from side to side and is figuring out that if we lay her on her stomach, she can lift her head up and still see the room. And yesterday she was positively delighted to discover that if she kicks energetically enough, her bouncy seat actually bounces!

Enjoy the pics! Happy 2-month birthday, sweet baby girl!

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