Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What a Day!

2 months, 3 days old . . . Ali had a big day!

To start things off, she made some wicked progress during tummy time. A little background: she's in the 40% for weight, but in the 80% for her head size. Basically that means she has a big ol' head that she has to learn how to tote around and control, and not nearly as much (proportionally) body mass to do it with. But today, she seemed determined!

The look of determination
A little bit higher
Eyes up...
And chest up! She looks like she's saying, "Woah! I'm so high!"Then came the real amazing part: she rolled over! That's right, at 2 months, 3 days old, our little girl rolled over from front to back on her own. Just before this video I had helped her along to show her how it's done. This is right after that, when she does it all on her own! (I was so excited I got her age wrong in the video . . . not 2 months 5 days, 2 months THREE days. Sheesh!)

After all that work, she zonked out after making one more big discovery: her thumb. :-)
What a big day for our little girl!!

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Hers said...

Oh man, I haven't cheered so hard for a rollover since we taught Plessy to do it. What a little cutie!