Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hoppy Easter!

I know, I know. Cheesiest cliche title of the year. But I can't help it when I have the world's cutest little Easter bunny living at my house!

We celebrated the holiday with Ali's very first Easter egg hunt! Even though she's not an official hunter this year, she definitely got into the spirit.

Once she figured out that plastic eggs are miracle toys that are easy to pick up one-handed AND fun to eat, she was in hog . . . er . . . bunny heaven.
She ate with friends . . .
She ate purple eggs . . .
She ate green eggs . . .
She tried to eat two eggs at once!
She did take a break from eating to chat on the egg-phone with her bud Skylar.
We attempted a group shot, too. Here are most of the kiddos who were at the hunt!
Today we are enjoying a quiet Easter at the house with a small egg hunt (read: Ali eating plastic eggs that we give her) and some quality family time. We hope this Easter finds you all very, very hoppy! (Sorry, I couldn't resist.)


BeckO said...

She is absolutely beautiful. She always looks so full of joy. :)
Looks like she had a wonderful time hunting eggs, and I am forever jealous that your baby girl kept her bunny ears on. :/

marysia said...

Kelly, your daughter is adorable! Beautiful family, I just stopped by :)