Saturday, April 17, 2010

I Love Iceland!

Yes, I know there are both immediate and long term drawbacks of a volcano spitting thousands upon millions of tons of volcanic ash into the air . . . but for me it means that Alex's trip to Germany got canceled, and that makes me one happy lady!

These pics have nothing to do with Iceland . . . but I've been meaning to get them up for a couple of weeks now! One of our favorite things to do is have a picnic at the lake by our house. Ali loves being outside, and we love pretty much anything and everything Ali loves, so it's a win-win.

There's just something about babies in hats that gets me every time.
Hiya, gorgeous!
These two make me swoon!
Check out Ali dominating the sippy!
We thought we'd be mean funny and let Ali get a taste of pickle . . . far from the bitter-pickle-face we were anticipating, the kid went crazy for it. Looks like she takes after her momma afterall!
Mmmm, pear. One of Ali's favorite desserts!
After lunch we hit the beach!
"Hey, Mom. Gimme those glasses!"
Here she's trying the casual fakeout--look to the left, but still grab the glasses. Sneaky girl.

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