Friday, April 23, 2010


No, not the big-girl diapers that are used when getting ready to potty train.

(And you get an official :::snort::: if you even for one second thought I might be talking about the exercise move.)

What I'm talking about is much easier and more fun than either potty training or impossible exercises. I'm talking about Ali pulling up to stand!

She never really has been much of a roller. And it appears that she's not going to be much of a crawler, either. She's way more interested in sitting up and, lately, standing up. And a couple of days ago she came one step closer to learning how to go from the former to the latter all on her own.

For right now she can only pull-up on our hands, but soon she'll figure out she can use any stationary object. Looks like baby-proofing is right around the corner!

Happy Friday!

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Sara Louise said...

Ohmygoodness! And look at how proud she looks right before that third pull up! That is one smart girl :-)