Monday, May 10, 2010

Video Monday

A couple of new videos to put a smile on your face this Monday morning!

This first one shows you how Ali has learned to smack her lips! She does it when she's hungry or when she's eating something she really likes. (This one also shows you how enthralled with the camera Ali is . . . I love in the first couple seconds how you can see that she was all smiles and having fun . . . and then BAM! A camera! And stares. Funny girl.)

And this one shows you Ali's newest trick--for lack of a better name, we call it "Bub-bub-bub." She will also do it to herself if we aren't around to do it for her, strumming her bottom lip like a guitar string. It's a pretty funny thing to hear over the monitor in the morning!!

Enjoy and Happy Monday!

1 comment:

ashley said...

hehehe. she's so stinkin cute!