Monday, November 19, 2007


As the elected hostess for the next Nesties game night, I didn't expect to have #43 crossed off the list until next month, but after running into a colleague and her fiance at our grocery store last week, we made dinner plans with them that quickly evolved into including games as well. I invited another work friend and her husband at the last minute after finding out that her morning sickness had finally abated enough that she was eating normally again. And just like that, an intimate dinner party and game night!

Guests arrived around 7:30, and after a delicious meal of vegetarian lasagna, meat pizza, salad, and garlic bread, we broke out The Newlywed Game. And hilarity ensued.

The game is actually a pretty decent throwback to the gameshow of old, featuring host Bob Eubanks and three newlywed couples who had to correctly predict their spouse's answer to a series of questions mostly designed to get people in trouble. The game came complete with dry-erase boards and markers. We had an interesting mix playing--the engaged couple, the just-married couple (that was Alex and me), and the about-to-be-parents couple. It was fun to see not only how well we knew our partners, but also the things that we didn't know so well!

And what's not to love when someone reveals--much to our delight and his partner's dismay--that his partner once put makeup on him and made him wear her pantyhose?? HA!

Overall, I highly recommend The Newlywed Game if you're having a game night with other couples who have a great sense of humor and a thick skin!

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ashley said...

registered for that game for our wedding and never got it... you just reminded me to put it on my xmas list ! :-)

sounds like fun!