Friday, November 9, 2007

Becoming Martha Stewart

Right after we got married, I had my first Martha Stewart moment: I put a frame in the guest bathroom and would change the picture according to whatever guests we had staying with us at the time. My parents would get a picture from the wedding of me and them, or of our side of the family, Alex's parents would get a picture of them, etc.... Brilliant, right?

Then, when we moved into our new house, I had my second Martha moment: I decided on one color that I would incorporate all through the entire house! The throw pillows in the living room would match our bedspread, which would match a vase in the kitchen, etc.... I had never felt so coordinated before. It was like I was actually decorating with an end in mind! What a concept!

Well, I've officially had my third Martha moment: I made customizable cards to sell at a holiday fundraising arts and crafts fair. They were very easy and cheap to make, and the customizable part is I also got a set of alphabet stamps and a "Thank You" stamp so that people can make personalized stationary or Thank You cards. As a not-inherently-crafty person, I'm so proud of the way they turned out!

Family beware! This might be what the ladies get for Christmas this year!

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Hers said...

Ha! I always felt like I grew up in a Martha Stewart house and I vowed to never become that. I still remember when I made my first floral arrangement in my first apartment that I had become just like my mother =)