Friday, November 2, 2007


Yesterday Alex and I both worked from home. We took an extended lunch and headed out to enjoy the gorgeous weather and explore the county park close to our new house.

I am so glad we checked it out! It is a truly massive park with tons of soccer and baseball fields, tennis courts, playscapes, pavillions, and a hike-and-bike trail through the woods.

When we moved to Pflugerville, two of the things that I knew we'd miss the most were our tennis courts at our apartment complex and the Veloway, a 5k trail open only to cyclists and roller bladers. We were so excited to find tennis courts and the hike and bike trail so close to our new home!! We explored the trail mostly--it was a lovely walk through the shade of the trees. Along the way we found a creek and a gorgeous shaded picnic area that was totally deserted!

the path--great for biking and running, but it didn't look so good for roller blading...

the creek--I think (hope!) that it will be much more lovely in the spring...

the picnic area--it's in the very back of the huge park, which is why I think nobody was there--maybe nobody realized it even existed! This will be a great place to come with parents and eventually kids to relax and grill.

The picnic area had a few obstacle-course type things scattered around...I was in flip flops, but Alex had fun trying them out.

I didn't think he was going to get so high!!

We had such a nice afternoon together--it really reminded me of the importance of slowing down every now and then and enjoying the sunshine in November, fresh air, and time together.

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