Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Birthdays and Cousins

We had an epic family weekend last weekend! Uncle Jonathan, Aunt Kerri, and cousins Zoe and Sophie were making their annual tour of Texas and blessed us with their company over the weekend. Aunt Katie, G-Mommy, and Granddaddy took the opportunity to join us as well, getting almost our entire family together for the very first time! We were celebrating my, Zoe, and Kerri's birthdays (they say all the coolest girls are born in March).

We kicked the weekend off with a wonderful dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, Chuy's. Here's the birthday girl (me) celebrating with her favorite girl in the whole world!

Mmmm . . . fajitas and Dos XX . . . the dinner of champions.

It was our first time getting to meet sweet little Sophie, Ali's elder by about 3 weeks. The connection the two girls had was so fun to see. They were very interested in each other and were constantly reaching for one another and chatting back and forth with delighted squeals. It was almost too much cuteness!
We took the girls to the park for some outdoor fun. Here is G-Mommy, Aunt Katie, Cousin Sophie, and Ali enjoying the swings.

As you can probably imagine, getting decent shots of two 6-month-olds and a 4-year-old was quite the undertaking. I shot probably 10 outtakes for every decent picture I got. Here are a couple of the best groups shots we got! (I'm considering doing an outtake post following this one to show you what I mean.)

All three girls. So sweet!As you can imagine, G-Mommy and Granddaddy were in grandparent heaven having all three of their grandchildren together in one place at the same time!
It was wonderful having so much of our family together at once. We miss Jonathan, Kerri, Zoe, and Sophie so much when they are at "home" in Boston . . . we're still holding out hope that they'll come back to Texas sooner rather than later!

The weekend held another big milestone for our little girl: we officially started solids! Stay tuned for tons of messy food cuteness!

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