Friday, March 26, 2010

A Trip to the Park

One of Ali's very favorite things is being outside (she must take after her momma in that!). Now that the weather is getting warmer again and the sun is shining, we are taking every opportunity possible to spend time outdoors.

While Alex's parents were visiting, we took a nice afternoon stroll down to our neighborhood park. What fun!!

Ready for some fun in the sun!

We needed Ali to come along and balance out this crew. Two guys, two girls!
Ali loooves riding on Dad's shoulders!
Seriously cute kid.
Lovin' time with her Bubbie and Zeydie
Privyet from Ali and Zeydie!
She really isn't too thrilled with slides . . . yet.
He looks totally natural holding a baby, right? Right?
Just one of the gang
The whole crowd!
Walkin' home with Uncle Genes . . . what a day!

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